Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES
Your Life is Precious! Start from the Beginning!

From the Info-Day with the Asylum Office Representative to the New Arrivals from Afrin

Bringing relief to the needy!


On the left is Nashat, 18 years of age, and on the right Jamshid, a 5 -year old paraplegic boy. We were able to buy special kinds of wheelchairs by private donor donations who responded with kindness and compassion to cover these young boys needs.

Above is Yushuf, a blind Syrian refugee, who is in Greece with his wife and a 5-month old baby. He was in need of a blind man walking stick. After our research and contacting, and thanks to the immediate response of the Blind Men Lighthouse, who donated the stick, this man has now the ability to move on his own.


Diapers, Formula, Strollers & Baby Clothes


The arabic and sorani speaking families are very large families with a lot of children. Sometimes the kids in the families are 7, 8, 9, 10 and maybe 11. These families are in great need of diapers and formula, especially for babies. They are also, in need of strollers and baby clothes.

Thanks to private donors who have supplied us in kind or in money we have been able to provide many of these families with these items, and we continue...

You can be a part of the effort to help these families!


Food and Clothes Distribution


Monday to Thursday we have our food and clothing distribution for the Sorani and the Arabic speaking refugees.

We are able to help refugees by the private donor donations in money or in kind.

You can be part of this!

You may contribute to this effort by even the smallest donation!


Heating Devices to help with the Winter Cold


Thanks to private donor funds we were able to buy electric heaters to give to refugee families that live in houses with little or no heating .You can be part of this effort and help these families stay warm this winter!

Home accommodation for some...


The days when we have been able to find home accommodation for people in need,  have been Glorious Days at Bridges!

We have become happy as the people have found home and safety and a new starting point in their life!


...the Streets for others


...however, all stories have not had happy endings. For the less fortunate we have tried to provide as well, by giving them blankets, sleeping bags and tents for the streets.

You can be part of the effort to cover the basics for those that live on the streets!