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Distribution of Powdered Milk to Thousands in Need

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

In September 2021, Humanitarian Initiative Bridges received a large donation of powdered milk for children 1 year + from The Smile of the Child. In total, they delivered 13 pallets of powdered milk which totaled over 7,800 boxes of baby formula.

We distributed thousands of boxes to the refugees that came to our center and to refugees in local camps. Additionally, due to this high supply volume, Bridges coordinated and collaborated with many local and ACCMR-member organizations to distribute the formula to refugees to whom they offer their services in order to maximize reach and impact. Some of the organizations that received from this donation are –

  • Nostos

  • Zefxis

  • Caritas

  • EATA Municipality of Athens

  • Metadrasi

  • Center of Hope International

  • Doctors of the World

  • AMINA (SAO Association Hellas)

  • Hellenic Red Cross

  • Christian Center of Athens

  • Anaptyxiaki Parnona AE AOTA - Trikala

  • Praksis

  • AMG International

  • Children Villages SOS Greece

  • Crossroad

We want to extend our warmest thanks to The Smile of the Child for their large donation and collaboration with Bridges, as well as the many organizations that shared in the mission to assist and empower refugees in Greece

You can help us continue the distribution of goods and services to displaced individuals and families in Athens through the donation of bulk goods and/or funding. If you would like to make a donation of goods, please contact and to make a donation of funds, please click the button below.

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