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Distribution of Goods

Bridges distributes clothing, food, and other non-food items to refugee families that are not otherwise supported by other organizations. Individuals and families are allotted a certain number of items that they can freely choose from our distribution spaces at Bridges.

Referrals to Services

Bridges provides many services and referrals to undocumented individuals, asylum seekers, and refugees including home accommodation, tax numbers (AFM), social security numbers (AMKA), transportation cards, cash cards, and school registration. Additionally, Bridges will help provide medical services by scheduling appointments for public hospitals.

Ultimately, Bridges seeks to help displaced individuals and families answer the question, "How do I live in Greece?"

Counseling + Social Care

Bridges offers counseling services to those who desire a safe place where they feel heard to begin processing their journeys and hardships. There are experienced counselors and social workers on staff that work with individuals and families daily to ensure they get their psychological needs as well as their physical and spiritual needs met.

Legal Information

Bridges acts as an advocate for those within the refugee community. Staff at Bridges are available to meet with individuals throughout the week to discuss their personal situation and advocate for their legal rights. Bridges provides legal access to asylum services within Greece.

Skype Interviews

Bridges is a recognized NGO by the Greek Asylum Office for undocumented individuals to Skype with the local asylum offices, officially declaring their desire to seek asylum in Greece.

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