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As, I said before unfortunately, we can not have any positive solutions unless we face the roots of the problems. All the rest are plain patches to the wounds.
The power and the force of the feeling of despair is massive and no one will be able to stop it as it has been proved through the history and the refugee crisis the humanity has faced in the past.
The lack of the long term policy of the last years escalated the problem to its highest as now it is not only the numbers but also the nationalities that are uncontrollable.

I do not believe anything will change unless EU decides two things
a. If they want to work as peacemakers in Syria

b. To address the refugee/immigration flow while the multitudes are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Probably a short term visa could be provided to them in Turkey or Lebanon or Jordan by the different EU countries. Then they could legally travel to the European country that has granted them with a visa. During this specific time limit, their case has to be examined if they will be granted with asylum status or not. If they are not legitimate for asylum, then they have to be sent back to their country.
I. In case they have no visa, then they have to be returned back to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and go through the procedure.
d. It has been proved that the "word of mouth" is stronger than the policies themselves. So, the above plan will take a while to be implemented but in a short period, the message will be out that "NOONE IS ACCEPTED WITHOUT A VISA"
II. To the implementation of this project, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have to co-work and co-decide concerning the rules under which the refugees/immigrants will enter to their country, the time spam will have to wait for their visa and where they will be accommodated if this is needed. The time they have to wait for their visa must not go over the one month.
III. This effort must not be carried only by EU, but also from other countries who have shown an interest to help like Canada or USA
IV. The program will not be effective unless EU guarantees an effective way of informing through Informational Desk Points and not just through leaflets and books. The influence of the culture here is huge.

This way, we minimize the deaths in the Aegean sea, we give no space to the smugglers, all are registered even before they enter and if they enter illegally, like now, they have immediately to be sent back and start through the legal procedure.

Of course, the implementation of this policy would require to redefine the word "safe country". Safe country is not only the country without war but also the country that protects the human rights of all the people on its land, that provides work, health insurance, education and opportunities for the future. If this is not the definition of the safe country then, we need to wonder as Europeans "why do we have so many European immigrants?"

Paraskevi Champeridou
Legal Representative-Administrator
Humanitarian Initiative BRIDGES

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